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What is PET? Why Wanli?

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扫一扫!What is PET? Why Wanli?扫一扫!
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PET packaging (2)

             PET is the most common polyester, which is widely applied in many fields for packaging, such as baby/children/maternity products, food industry, electronic devices products, jewelry packaging, apparel industry...... because its lightweight, high transparency, impact resistance, odor-free......and also it can be recycled again and again. On a PET packaging, you can usually find code "1" at the bottom to show the material type. 
            Though PET can be recycled, Wanli only imports environmental friendly high-tier raw material instead of recycled PET to ensure the good quality and outstanding appearance of our products, furthermore, all the incoming raw material will be processed be to manufactured in 7 days to minimize the effects from temperature and humidity. 
           Choose Wanli, choose high quality products and best quality assurance, and provide the most colourful packaging for your valued products and customers.

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