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What is the usage of plastic transparent box?

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扫一扫!What is the usage of plastic transparent box?扫一扫!
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1. Plastic transparent box has good visual effect. Plastic boxes can be made of different plastic material. Some of them are easy to be printed on and colors printed on the surface is bright. We can make different packaging according to requirement, helping customers achieve good visual effect through packing.

2. Easy and fast to get a prototype, we can get different boxes by changing die cutting mold only, and start mass production. 
3. Good anti-corrosion, anti acid and alkali, resistant to oil, good impact resistance, and good mechanical strength.
4. Good transparency, consumers can see product from outside the box without opening it.
5. To improve product level and competiveness, we can design different colors, patterns, and shapes.
6. We can use green material to make food packing or packing which is environmental friendly.

Wanli is an excellent enterprise in packaging industry, a well-known brand for good quality. Good technology and capability enable us to make you different kinds of plastic packing boxes. We can make whatever in your mind. Welcome to contact us for information and business.

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