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The advantage of plastic packaging when compare to paper packaging

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The plastic box we usually talk about is PP box, PVC box, PET box and APET box. PP box, PET box and APET box are environmental friendly, while PVC box is not. The biggest difference between plastic packaging and paper packaging is that plastic box can be transparent. Consumers can see product from outside the box. There are transparent plastic box and semi-transparent plastic box. Customers usually choose transparent box to display their products, few choose semi-transparent box or frosted box for special needs. Thus, the advantage of plastic packaging is its transparency.

The advantage of plastic packaging when compare to paper packaging.

1. Good transparency, consumers can see product from outside the box without opening it.
2. Plastic box is moisture proof, dust proof and water proof, protecting product to the best.
3. Plastic box is anti-corrosion, Anti acid and alkali, resistant to oil and other solvent used in daily life, achieve the goal of protecting products.
4. Plastic box is light, good strength, anti-scratch and good impact resistance.
5. Color printed on plastic box is more bright than paper box, this arouse customers' desire of purchasing.
6. Plastic box can be a moving advertising of a company. Consumers can recognize a brand at the sight of the packing. This will increase the recognition and loyalty of consumers.

All things have two sides, advantages and disadvantages. Then what is the disadvantages of plastic box?

The disadvantages of plastic packaging when compare to paper packaging:

1. Production scale of plastic packaging is much smaller than paper packaging, which increase the cost of production.
2. PP, PVC, PET, APET is chemical polymer, which is refined from oil and coal. In the process of refining, toxic and   harmful substance is generated. This will contaminate environment and is harmful to health. Harmful material will be generated also in the process of producing plastic sheet from raw material.

3.Transparent plastic packaging, after being through away, it may take several decades or hundreds of years to be      decomposed as original substance like water, soil, gas and so on...

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