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Council in Baoan District

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扫一扫!Council in Baoan District扫一扫!
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In January 2011, President of Wanli was awarded certificate by Baoan Individual Laborers Association and Association of Private Businesses, and become a member of the Council. This is the honor of Wanli, we are proud of this. Wanli, a transparent plastic box manufacturer, serve for customers who look for plastic boxes. Please contact to us with for more details, or visit our website: for more information.

With the fast development of economy of China, to develop economy and improve living condition of a city, we need to pay much attention to the development of enterprises. To achieve this goal, we need to be creative and concern about environmental protection and share success experience with others. We need to inspire the passion of workers and create a comfortable working environment for workers. We need technical trainings. Experienced technicians share skills, new technicians using the skills in work. This will help enterprises survive in competition and business growing.


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Individual Laborers Association


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