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Material Choosing: Difference between APET and PET

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扫一扫!Material Choosing: Difference between APET and PET扫一扫!
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Material choosing: Difference between APET and PET. When purchasing plastic box, customers need to choose material. Plastic box can be classified as PP plastic box, PVC plastic box, PET plastic box, APET plastic box and so on according to material. Boxes made of different material, their quality is different. Here we talk about the difference between APET and PET, so that we will not be hesitated when choosing material.

Simply speaking, we do not need to distinguish the two material strictly from each other when place order. We can take APET as PET, that is, they are the same, only called by different name.


To distinguish APET from PET clearly, sure, it is OK. First, PET is crystalline polymer while APET is non-crystalline polymer. Second, they have different chemical name. Their properties are almost the same, such as both of them are environmental friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, good transparency, good brightness, good impact resistance.


All in all, when choosing material, you can choose either APET or PET, no need to be hesitated.

Material Choosing_Difference between APET and PET

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