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Find Wanli at 16th CME Shanghai (Children, Baby, Maternity Expo Shanghai)

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扫一扫!Find Wanli at 16th CME Shanghai (Children, Baby, Maternity Expo Shanghai)扫一扫!
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         CBME China is the world’s largest sourcing event for baby, child and maternity products. This is the perfect venue to meet buyers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the industry. Wanli has participated in CBME for some years and this July we will meet many old customers and friends as usually in Shanghai, also some new faces and potential business partners. Wanli has automatic high-end equipments for high standard production process and dust-free workshop to achieve the customer requests in food or related industries. Our FAMA (FACILITY AND MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION ) makes many customer rely on Wanli for international children, baby, and maternity products.

PET packaging box ,PVCpackaging box ,PP packaging box (2)

       We look forward to seeing you at CBME Hall 6, booth 2F20, 21 from 20th to 22nd July, 2016 with over 100 varieties of PET/PVC/PP packaging samples and our international level team can serve you in Cantonese language, Mandarin, English and Japanese. It is easy to find us by our signally bright logo in hall 6. 
       Please let us know if you need our invitation letter to the exhibition and your sharing the information with your business partners and friends will be highly appreciated by Wanli.
       Seeing you soon in CBME Shanghai this July. 

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