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Customer Provide Requirements

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扫一扫!Customer Provide Requirements扫一扫!
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Customer Provide Requirements2

Wanli, expert in plastic box manufacturing

Packing products can be customized. To make your own packing box, Wanli need your detailed requirements.


Customers consult on line every now and then that, do you have existing packing box or do you have stock? The answer is, sorry, we do not have, because we need to know your requirement, do you need traditional square box or cylinder? do you need the box to pack cell phone or cosmetic? Do you need printing or nor?


When receive your consultation, we write them down and give them to our sales manager, and our manager will contact you for detailed information, such as what product will you pack with this packing? Do you have design? what is your dimension? what kinds of material do you want? PET or PVC? where do you want your product to be delivered? After collecting these information, we can provide you an accurate quotation, without these details, we can only provide you an estimate price or even can not make a quotation for you.


Wanli Printing workshop

Class 10 cleanroom workshop for plastic box manufacturer


'Unique' is the biggest characteristic of customized packing, all design and made according to your own requirement. It is special. Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, has several decades of plastic box manufacturing, and has the biggest factory, can make any kinds of plastic box you want. Please contact us with if you have any question about plastic box making, or visit our website: for more information. Wanli plastic packaging manufacturer, your ideal business partner, can provide you the best plastic packing solution.

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