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Quality Control and QC Full Inspection

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扫一扫!Quality Control and QC Full Inspection扫一扫!
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Quality Control and QC Full Inspection0

Quality is the base of value and dignity, enterprises live on it. Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd would like to spend much time and cost to maintain quality and win customers' satisfaction.



Wanli Quality Managing System

Quality Control and QC Full Inspection1


Wanli Quality Control Process


Wanli Incoming Quality Control


Wanli In-process Quality Control


Wanli First Article Inspection


Wanli Random Inspection 

Quality Control and QC Full Inspection2

Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, a well-known brand in plastic packaging industry, our quality control department inspect products strictly, our production department strictly stick to operation technique, inspect carefully to make sure products is 100% qualified.

Quality Control and QC Full Inspection3

Wanli quality controller inspect from the very start to the end of production. Precaution goes first, prevent quality problem from the beginning. Cut cost to realize the strongest control with the lowest cost. Raise inspection standard and keep quality on a higher level.


Wanli Full Inspection

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