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Design your own packing

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扫一扫!Design your own packing扫一扫!
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Design your own packing 

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Japanese outdoor product packaging 

The design of outer packing illustrate conception of a brand and a company. Importance that a well-known company attached to packing design is not less than that they attached to product design. Such as APPLE, they invest more than USD 1 million to iphone outer box design.

I believe most of us will not spend so much money on design, we usually purchase from design company.

Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, a plastic box manufacturer, has 30years of design experience and thousands of existing design solution, can provide you our existing design if you do not have special requirement on design, or we can design your own unique packing, or help amend your design if necessary.

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Wanli Design Research Department

How to design your own packing? Please bring your product to us, so that you can illustrate your conception to our designer and audit our company, or please send your product to us, our designer will design according to your product's characteristic and your requirements.

After confirming design and your purchase quantity, we can provide you an accurate quotation. Then you can decide whether to work with us or nor and how. If yes, we will make sample for you.

Please contact us with if you have questions about design, Wanli designer will provide you the best design solution.

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