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Wanli, The Most Beautiful Rainbow Angel

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扫一扫!Wanli, The Most Beautiful Rainbow Angel扫一扫!
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In December, 2012, Wanli, together with people from public welfare department donated for student in poor area. President of Wanli was awarded certificate of 'Rainbow Angel'. We provide schools with educational equipments. We 56 nations is a big family, we are brothers and sisters, we should help each other.


We hope to provide help, improving educational and living condition or our brothers and sisters, so that kids can use better learning equipments, improving educational level. The purpose of doing this charity is to provide our brothers and sisters the same good education as us. Education is based on people, the economic development of our country is depend on young people. To propagate the importance of education, we advertise culture of goodness and service spirit among our workers. China is a big country, and many of our brothers and sisters are still live under poor condition. The help we provided is little, but to propagate this goodness, more and more people will join us, then the power is big.


Certificate of Rainbow Angel

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