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Trap in plastic packaging industry

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扫一扫!Trap in plastic packaging industry扫一扫!
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What are the traps in purchasing plastic boxes? As the leader in plastic box manufacturing industry, Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd show you the traps in purchasing plastic box, and providing advices of avoiding these traps.


Trap in plastic packaging industry 01

Trap like this exists in plastic packaging industry


There are high, medium, and low level in each industry. These levels are not classified by any of us, they are classified by market and the choice of consumers. Enterprises on high level, constantly strive for perfection, they are rigorous in work and meticulous in details, they insist quality first, service first, and honesty first, while enterprises on low level, have big pressure of maintaining business, and there is no bottom limit to their way and method of survival. Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, as the first well known brand in China, have a deep understanding of this industry, and very worry about the way of competition.


plastic box manufacturer - 1

Plastic transparent box of Wanli

One of the traps in plastic packaging industry, the trap customers are usually deceived, is using refurbishing material instead of using 100% new material. Refurbishing material, is also called recycled material. For plastic box manufacturers, the most directly benefits of using recycled material is that price is cheap. Price of recycled material is less than 1/3 of that of 100% new material, some even lower, and price of 100% imported new material is 10~20 times of that of recycled material. So, as saying goes 'you get what you paid'. Plastic boxes made of recycled material, their quality is not guaranteed, they are aging fast, 6 months at most, sometimes even a month, colors on the box will change or get yellow, transparency will get lower, strength will get weak, they will be cracked or broken when impacted strongly, and easy get scratched.


plastic box manufacturer - 2

Wanli use 100% new material in making plastic packaging box

In domestic market, some low level plastic box manufacturers provide customers very low price, customers who do not know much about plastic box will think the price of medium and high level manufacturers is high. Once customers know the traps, they will not purchase from them, because low price means low profits, low profits means works that need to be done is not done or not done well. Then, how can they guarantee quality, service, and lead time? This is the question customers have to consider.


How to avoid traps in purchasing plastic box? Wanli plastic box manufacturer would like to provide two advices. First, through away manufacturers who provide you very low price without hesitation. Second, choose manufacturers with good reputation and trust worthy.


Wanli plastic box manufacturer - 1

Wanli  cleanroom workshop for plastic packing box

Using refurbishing material is not the only trap in plastic manufacturing. There are many other traps. Wanli plastic box manufacturer will show you more dark sides from different angle later. Please pay attention to it.


Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, specializes in green plastic box manufacturing, has 30 years of experience, 50sets of machine, class 10 cleanroom for plastic box workshop, 100% imported new material. We can make any kinds of plastic transparent box for you. If you are interested in making plastic box, please contact us with for more details, or visit our website: for more information. Wanli plastic packaging manufacturer, your ideal business partner, provide you the best plastic packing solution.

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