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Clear Food Grade PET Box

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With the development of economy, our living condition is getting better, and we start to realize the importance of environment protection. When choosing packing box, we will consider if the material is harmful to health and environmental friendly. Shenzhen Wanli Printing Co., Ltd, an expert in plastic packaging industry, can manufacture clear food grade PET box.


First, the material we use is green material, no harmful substance is contained in material. We have SGS certificate for our product to guarantee that.

Second, the material we use is 100% new material. Some manufacturer, using recycled material to cut down the cost, which is very dangerous to health and the earth. Recycled material come from different channels, safety is not guaranteed and it is difficult to decomposed after being through away.

Third, we have dust free workshop, Class10 cleanroom for production. Our workers wear hear net and when customer visit, we provide shoe cover to avoid dust left in the workshop.


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Please contact us with for question about clear food grade PET box, or visit our website: for more information. Wanli plastic packaging manufacturer, your ideal business partner, can provide you the best plastic packing solution.

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